24/100 Menu Excerpts from Our Favorite Newark Restaurants by Various

Audible released a very special audio book created with the help of some of their most popular narrators.  Often people will say that they will listen to anything read by their favorite narrator, so Audible took them up on this statement.  Honestly after listening to this, I can see why some of them are so popular.  I think I’m going to have to see if there are any books narrated by Victor Bevine, at least.

To clarify: Yes, I am fully aware that this was an April Fool’s Day Joke, and due to this I’m going to probably change my goal to 101 books.  However, I still think it was a great idea and I really am going to see if that narrator has read anything I would be interested in.  Truthfully, a couple of set of short stories read by different narrators might be a good idea to give people more exposure to the different narrators and authors.

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23/100 Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston

I have been waiting for this book for about 4 months, and it really did not disappoint.  I love that it was almost 70 percent of the way through the book before they had sex.  I still had to skip quite a few pages for the sex, but the plot-line existed as more than just a way to get to the sex.  These books are usually set a few months apart, or a time indeterminate, but in this case the author has allowed her characters to age ‘off-screen’ and come back in new variations than when they were left in their last books.  I love how she keeps recurring characters so that if you have read the series from the beginning you have a much greater understanding of what is going on.  Honestly, if you have not read the rest of the series then do not start with this book.  There are so many ‘inside jokes’ that I am not sure this book would make sense if you read it as a stand alone book.

If you are looking for a funny book full of family drama then this is the book for you.  Should you be squeamish then this might not be the book for you.  Full of violence, fighting, and sisterly love this book about shifters is a great addition to the series.

22/100 Remember When By Nora Roberts

This is actually both the book Remember When by Nora Roberts and the shorter story of Big Jack written as J.D. Robb.  I really like how this takes the reader through the initial story and straight into the futuristic one within the realm of Eve Dallas’s life.  The story itself, well the first one, was a fairly typical Nora Roberts Romance.  Decent, not a bad plot with some characters it is hard not falling in love with.  I liked that there was some depth and passion in the story.  Not all bad guys are entirely bad, just because someone isn’t a good father full-time doesn’t mean that they are a bad person (Just a bad influence), and wrongs can be righted.

If you are looking for a jewel-heist/murder mystery with some depth and a lovely closure then this is the book for you.  It is fast paced without losing the details and the characters are likeable while being believable.  I have to admit Roberts (even as Robb) blends her stories quite well.

Happy Reading!


21/100 Origin in Death by J.D. Robb

This was a very interesting book. The characters are always dynamic and in this case it is fascinating to see perceptions shattered as everyone takes a closer look at the main characters. This is one of the more important additions to the series as at least 2 main plotlines spin off from this novel, which I why I re-read it. This is a book that certainly causes you to question some of the bigger aspects of life and ethics. In this time in our history there are a lot of things that we are capable of doing, this book (though fictional) helps us to remember that just because something is possible does not always mean that it should be done. If you’re looking for a book full of fascinating plot twists and heartbreaking decisions then this is a great read. No time to get bored with this book. Everyone learns where they need to bend so they don’t break.

20/100 A Hidden Witch by Debora Geary

Original Review:

This is a wonderful addition to the series. I enjoy how the characters and interactions build to create a completely unique world. The people are not perfect, are always willing to learn, and let their inner child out to play (safely). This tale about how innermost dreams do not always come true in the way you think they will is certainly worth another look.

New review:

*This is a tale of how the old world can collide with the new, and just because gifts don’t come in the package that you think they should doesn’t mean that they are not exactly what you wanted. From the joy of discovery to the sorrow of potential loss, life, death, and magic collide to create a whole new normal. If you are looking for a book steeped in magic and technology, and more than a little heartache along the way, then this is the read for you. *

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19/100 Portrait in Death by J. D. Robb

Once in a while there is a book that is heart wrenching, heartening, and deeply disturbing all rolled into one. This is one of Robb’s finest additions to this series. Admittedly, since she has 46 books out already, this is ‘relatively’ early in the series. The vast majority of her In Death books are fantastic but here, early in the series, we really begin to understand the depth of feelings involved in these characters. These feelings and understanding evolve over the series, but here we really see how Eve feels for her division, how hard she is trying to be a good wife, how much Feeney supports her, and overall there are a lot of ‘feels’ in this book. I love this series, and this is one of the reasons why! For a book that has everything and fantastic characters to boot, check this out!

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18/100 Knot the Usual Suspects by Molly MacRae

I love the yarn bombing!
The characters are still quirky and wonderfully enjoyable. The murder came at the half-way point of the book, it almost seemed forced. The solving of the murder was interesting but sort of rushed and forced feeling. It is unfortunate, but probably for the best, that MacRae stopped writing this series for a while. Hopefully she can come back to it with some fresh, new ideas. If you are looking for a fun read, involving a bit of murder and a lot of yarn, then this is the book for you. I will admit I love how the book focused more on the yarn bombing than on the murder, it made for a very fun listen.

Happy Reading!