66-72/101 Head-colds & More Robb

Apparently having your mother in the hospital and being down with the mother of all head-colds for about five days really gives you plenty of time to listen to Audiobooks.  I managed to finish 7, and am currently on my way through the 8th.  This really does prove that re-reading can be an adventure all on its own.  While some of these were familiar, some I could not remember for the life of me.  The joys of re-reading.  (Mom & I will both be mended by time you read this).  The reviews below are copied and pasted from my Goodreads account.

Holiday in Death– I almost think that it goes without saying, but this was a very good book. The depth of character development was not extreme, but still present. The new characters introduced were incidental but watching as Eve missteps with, almost, all of her friends and figures out how to deal with the consequences is rather entertaining. All of the missteps have to occur for each character to understand what they mean to the others and what the others mean to them. The mystery was interesting and compelling addition. I know, the book is supposed to be about the mystery but I find the characters to be so amazing, I love glimpsing into their lives. The end of the mystery was a bit of a ‘rush job’ so to speak, where you don’t really have enough information to come to a conclusion on your own. The relevant clues just pop up near the end. That does not lessen the impact of the story at all!

Conspiracy in Death– I forgot how ‘heart in your throat’ good this book really was. The characters are so well developed and learn a lot about themselves and each other in this book. The mystery is so integral in the character development that the entire book comes together seamlessly. I love the parts where we hear what the main culprit is thinking without understanding who it is. As usual Robb managed to weave a tale full of suspense, love, family, and friends. I wept, I laughed and (even though I knew there were about 30 books after this) I lived in suspense for a while!

Kindred in Death–  Dr. Louise DiAmatto is getting married to Charles, the former LC. (An LC is a Licensed Companion, basically a legalized prostitute…they have licenses and health checks and everything.) Now Charles has gone to night college, obtained his degree and decided to become a counselor. Louise loved him before he decided all of this, but it helps too. Alright, so the book isn’t about their upcoming nuptials, but watching Eve Dallas go insane trying to figure out how much she should be there for Louise since Eve is the Matron of Honor is a wonderful addition to this heart wrenching murder mystery.

In this tale of murder, revenge, despair, and family we see some old friends again in new places within their lives. Jamie makes a reappearance as a College Man, much to Eve’s surprise. This is a great novel showing how sometimes little events can have a great impact on everyone involved.

Fantasy in Death– This is a chilling tale about betrayal and the mechanically impossible. Gaming can kill, literally. I absolutely love the meta writing in this book, we know what killed them right off, but Eve doesn’t because it is not supposed to be possible. You feel sort of smug sitting there listening to her floundering about trying to figure out what happened and how, while you know all the time. As always there are plenty of feelings and relationships explored throughout this book, and the characters are thoroughly explored. I really liked reading this, even though the ending was a bit heart-breaking.

Indulgence in Death– This is a thrilling addition to the in death series. Seemingly random people are being killed in ways that seem random. How can the top cop of NYPSD manage to not only connect all of them but solve the murders as well? Read this thrilling instillation to find out.
If you like a mystery with great characters, a lot of depth, and some murder thrown in for flavor this is your cup of tea. There is some graphic sex, I skip over it, as well as strong language. If these bother you this might not be the book for you.

Treachery in Death– This was a really interesting addition to the series.  What starts out as a slam dunk murder mystery turns into so much more.  Murder, mystery, the blue line, corruption, guts, glory, and so much more is packed into this dynamic and heart wrenching book.  What do you do when you overhear some of your colleagues discussing a murder that they have committed and they money they obtained from it?  If you know that they are cops running a whole operation out of your house, do you hold the blue line, or do you follow your heart?  These are the difficult questions Peabody must face. I love the development of the characters and the depths that they expose.  I love this series, though I do tend to skip over the graphic parts, and believe that you will enjoy it as well.

New York to Dallas– If you’ve gone and fallen in love with Eve Dallas and Roarke then you will want to read this amazing addition to the series.  In this book one of the people that Eve put away breaks out, not someone that we have met yet, and Eve has to put him back.  Most of the series revolves, at least in part, around Eve and Roarke’s respective pasts.  For this book Eve’s past is put front and center, for various reasons.  This heart wrenching book allows the reader to get wonderful insight into Eve’s history and where her future lies.  If you are looking for a fast paced drama with a lot of heart-wrenching moments then this is the book for you.  As always I skipped over the graphic sex parts, and there is mention of graphic child abuse.


65/101 Vengeance in Death by J. D. Robb

Eve does not really believe in Vengeance. She believes in justice, and that you don’t have to like someone to do the right thing. I think this is why I like her so very much. She is compassion even as she embodies justice and doesn’t let one get in the way of serving the other. I love how tough Eve is, how stubborn Summerset is and how they begin to learn more about each-other. The plot is good, the little digs about Catholicism are a bit annoying but honestly the Church has always been a good, easy target. Let her write about a killer based on the teachings of another religion like Buddhism, Muslim, or even Baptists; just wait for the outrage to sound. But two books (that I can remember) where the killer perverted the Catholic Church, well that’s alright. I know, it sounds like whining, but the facts stand. Other than that, if you don’t take all Catholics as mass murderers (and to be fair she wrote a book about Satanism too) then I really is a good book. The plot is eventful and, well I don’t want to spoil it…but I felt sorry for the killer. Hard to say, but true. Happy Reading.

64/101 Locke & Key Vol. 1 by Joe Hill

This is the main reason I do not like horror.  I used to gulp down R.L. Stine and his ilk, loving the horror of them, usually in a fictional form.  I can sort of see how these are related to the old Lovecraft stories, but they are much more terrifying than the originals.  If you are looking for a gruesome graphic novel that will make it hard to sleep for a couple of days, then check this out.  If you prefer to read about magic, romance, and safety then try another book.  I am glad I tried this, and glad I will never have to read another graphic novel in this series.

Happy Reading!

61-63 More Early Robb

Purity in Death

This was a great book that I had forgotten existed. I was looking for the second appearance of Jamie Lingstrom, thinking that the book with Deena McMasters was his second appearance, I had completely forgotten about this book. I vaguely remembered some of the events and their consequences but this book went largely ignored by me. It is lovely to go back and re-read these books.

Rapture in Death

This is an amazing and depressing addition to the series. When I re-read this I needed to keep in mind that we are very early in the series, the characters are still getting to know each other. This novel involves, death, betrayal, and a dogged persistence that Eve is well known for. I loved this addition to the series, and enjoy remembering where some of my favorite characters have come from.

Ceremony in Death

This book adds in a few really good characters. The great thing about this series is that once a character is in, and important, they tend to reappear. It makes the series hard to jump into mid stream, but if you go back and start at the beginning you are hooked for life. I am really enjoying going back to re-read these. The amazing info from the beginning, I’d forgotten how good this book was. I knew who did the murder, it’s pretty obvious in this one, but trying to figure out how they were going to get a conviction and how green Dallas was about the marriage thing, it really rocked. I enjoyed this re-read a great deal.

60/101 The Connelly Boys by Lily Velez

If you are looking for a book steeped in Celtic Magic, in a modern era, then this is the book for you.  This fast paced, heart wrenching, YA novel is steeped in Magic and tragedy.  I loved getting to know the characters, and cannot wait for the next installment in December.  A young women raised by her mother is brought to Ireland to live with her father when her mother succumbs to Cancer.  There she goes to an almost exclusively boys school and encounters her fate.  This is a wonderful story that I think is a good read for most.  If magic and romance bother you, then this might not be a good fit.  I love the mythologies that are present and the representation of mythos as well as Christian beliefs.  The Druids of old are represented as believing in balance and while there are those that use Christian beliefs to do evil, there are those that wield those beliefs for good as well.

Happy Reading!

59/101 Immortal In Death by J. D. Robb

Getting married is a messy business. If you try getting married while your best friend, and maid of honor, is on the hook for murder it gets a bit messier. Try being the primary investigator for the murder charges and things are almost impossible. It is always a true pleasure to watch Eve wriggle around trying to solve murder while a bunch of stuff is going on in her personal life. Murders, Drugs, Models, Designers, and a horn-dog illegals cop (drugs) combine to make a memorable wedding. The Bridal shower is just killer! For a complex, interesting mystery combined with a tough cop trying to find her way around emotions that she has suppressed for years check out this fast paced futuristic novel. This is definitely worth a read, or five.

58/101 Leverage in Death by J.D. Robb

As usual, this is an amazing addition to the series.  In line with Robb’s current tenancies this book certainly has its dark spots.  For me the highlight of this series is how human the characters are, even while it is certainly  science-fiction/fantasy novel.  I find the mysteries to be fascinating, the sex scenes easily skippable, and the characters as old friends.  I love seeing what Mavis and Bella are up to, how Peabody’s relationship with McNab is progressing, how Summerset is, what Roarke and Eve are up to, along with the myriad of other characters involved.  I love listening to how Nadine is doing, and cannot wait for another appearance of Jamie Lindstrom to see how he is progressing.  The next novel has something more to do with the shelter Roarke and Eve are building, I look forward to catching up with that.

I know, this doesn’t tell you a lot about the mystery.  It was a fascinating mystery, and a psychological conundrum.  In some ways there was some moral conundrum there as well.  A man is told, more than one we find out later, is told that if he does not blow up a part of a building his wife and daughter will die.  He has to blow himself up in the process as well.  One defense is that the person telling him to blow these people up is not responsible, only the person with the bomb is responsible.  The police point of view has the bomber as another victim of the one issuing the ultimatum.  Most of the family members of the victim’s see it the same way, they have spouses and children of their own, but some simply cannot see past if A then B.  Some may fluff Nora Roberts, the brain behind Robb, off as a romance novelist (how good can she be).  However, these novels as Robb (and honestly quite a few of her Roberts books as well) really make you think and ponder morals and morality.  I still find it difficult to read Thankless in Death, wondering if I am as selfish as the antagonist (or just really hard on myself).

If you are looking for a disturbing book that makes you question what you believe about responsibility and morality then this is a good book for you.  This is also a fast paced mystery, with terrorism and motive as a center, and some really fun background about Peabody, Nadine, and Mavis.  This book really hit all of the notes.  I am currently re-reading Immortal in Death, because I was reminded of Eve’s Wedding, and look forward to re-reading this book and few others before the next release in February.

Happy Reading!