13/100 Of Last Resort by Megan Derr

Of last resortHonestly, if the ‘Priests’ were ‘Priestesses’ then this entire series would be on the fantasy best seller lists.  If you are just starting, read the series backwards.  Yes, its a little series but somehow the author wrote this thing backwards so this is the book you should read last.  If you are not offended by guys being with each other romantically then this is a wonderful fantasy book, upon rereading there are more explicit scenes than I would really enjoy (I skipped them the first go round because the characters were so interesting).  The plot moves quickly the characters are fleshed out even though they are a bit strange and there are explanations for all of the strange occurrences.  If you ever felt sorry for the geeky kid and wanted him to get a better lot in life (or if you have ever been the geeky kid) you want to read this book.


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