15/100 In Despair by Megan Derr

In DespairThis was a good addition to the series.  While the majority of the novel takes place in the past, there are enough elements to have this as the third novel in the series.  I really enjoyed the character development.  It is always good to have an author that can remind you that misunderstandings are something that very easily occur.  Through the mishaps and misunderstandings the main character stands tall and takes it all.  I really enjoyed learning about the depths of the main character and where he draws his strength.  I still enjoy the first novel the best, but that is just because I really enjoy the awkwardness of the main characters.  This is still a book about homosexuality and there is some semi-graphic scenes…not too many though.  If it helps, pretend one is a girls name or something, but it is a good novel overall.  The pace is quick enough to be interesting, though I find the angst annoying after a very short time.


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