17/100 Imprinted by the Alpha by Jocelyn Thomas

Imprinted by the alphaAlright, it started out pretty good.  A bit of a Twilight mix-up, but not bad for all of that.  Then the secrets start coming out, and she’s from a long line of…blah, blah, blah.  Why can’t parents just tell their kids, ‘You’re destined to do X, Y, Z” have fun with that.  Nah, it’s all about secrets and things coming out at the worst possible times..so on and so forth.  It isn’t too bad of a book though I hate the ending and will not read on because of it.  I know some people like cliff-hangers but it just ticks me off.  If you like that on the edge feeling then go for it.  Otherwise I would give this one a miss.


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