18/100 Hard Mated by Jennifer Ashley

hard matedThis was a really good addition to a series that can be hard to swallow.  If you’ve ever done any research or reading into slavery or the trials that the Native American Populations have gone through, and still go through, then this may be a difficult series to deal with.  The ‘Wild Shifters’ have been corralled into cities called ‘Shiftertowns’, collared to control their behavior, and left on their own.  Sound like the Reservations or Concentration Camps, yeah a little bit.  In this book the plot does not emphasize the confinement, too much, but the rest of the series tends to.  I liked reading about Spike and his kid, their journey and the conclusion (with a few trials along the way).  I enjoyed this book, it was faced paced, packed with action, and only a little bit of light sex at the end.  The plot dominated and swept you along the way like a tidal wave.  If the entire series was like this I would probably read them all.  Very enjoyable.


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