22/100 Grim Tidings by Amanda M. Lee

Grim tidingsThis was a wonderful book.  I really look forward to hearing more about the Grimlock Family!  The characters are cute and adamant without being obnoxious.  The diversity of characters and the way that their personalities shine through makes this book a very enjoyable read.  The romance and attraction is there, however it proceeds at a pace that I would consider close to normal.  A little fast for my taste but much closer to a normal courtship.  The paranormal aspects slip so seamlessly into the family aspects that it almost seems normal.  I adore Aisling, her brothers and her wonderful best friend and the wacky adventures that they get into.  She is over the top without being unbelievable.  If you like fast paced horror romances with really wacky siblings, that manage to get along, then this is certainly the book for you.


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