24/100 Crazy Lace by Myra Wood

Crazy LaceI love this book.  Honestly, I see a lot of Myra in myself.  I get really bored with repeating patterns, and despise having to go back to correct something.  I love how simply she speaks to the reader, and how she admits mistakes and allows us to learn from them.  She admitted that she would ‘knit through the pain’ (as I have heard other put it) and that this action caused her to have a pinched nerve.  This kept her from any knitting for a year.  Besides her beautifully simple wisdom, the way she speaks of this new knitting form (well new to me at least) is amazing.  No more trying to read a pattern and death to you if you deviate.  Okay so still following a bit of pattern here and there is still encouraged, but creativity and mistakes are also encouraged. The beautiful examples that are spread throughout this book are also an amazing reason to read it.


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