27/100 Fix-It and Forget-It Holiday Main Dishes and Sides by Phyllis Pellman Good and Rebecca Good Fennimore

Fix it and forget it holiday main dishes and sidesThis is an adorable book filled with amazing recipes for your slow cooker.  Many of these recipes look easy enough to prepare all year round while still maintaining that holiday feel.  I loved how many recipes featured underutilized vegetables such as sweet potatoes, with an option to substitute canned yams in many cases.  Some of the meat dishes, such as holiday meatloaf, are good to get the creative juices flowing.  Taking a few basic recipes and adding in one or two exotic or holiday oriented ingredients is enough to transform a ho-hum meal into a delight.  While I think that some of the recipes would actually be easier and quicker to bake rather than slow cook, I see where the author is coming from.  Why spend an hour at home waiting for the carrots to be done when you can set the crock pot and do some outside work.  Even better, have the carrots cooking the crock, sorry, slow cooker while the roast is in the oven…or heck the other way around.  It is a great book with good ideas and can really make you hungry.  Eat before reading this book.


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