30/100 Festive In Death by J. D. Robb

festive in deathThis is a wonderful addition to Robb’s In Death series.  Admittedly much of the focus seems to be on Eve and her family situation rather than the crime, or maybe that is just the part that I focus on.  More often than not these In Death books tend to be about high-profile cases or serial killers.  Not this time, in this addition to the series we get to focus on a single murder.  I enjoy seeing Eve follow through on a murder, where the victim is absolute scum.  Eve does her best anyway, and much more is going to ruin the plot.

It is always fascinating to see how Eve learns, a little more each book, how to balance her home life and her work life.  I especially enjoyed the depictions of the party at the end.  Not too much character development, but enough to keep everyone from seeming static.  Re-reading these books reminds me of why I love this series to begin with.  More personal focus allows me to appreciate the entirety of Eve.


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