37/100 Kindred In Death by J. D. Robb

Kindred in DeathLouise DiAmatto is getting married to Charles, the former LC. (An LC is a Licensed Companion, basically a legalized prostitute…they have licenses and health checks and everything.)  Now Charles has gone to night college, obtained his degree and decided to become a counselor.  Louise loved him before he decided all of this, but it helps too.  Alright, so the book isn’t about their upcoming nuptials, but watching Eve Dallas go insane trying to figure out how much she should be there for Louise since Eve is the Matron of Honor is a wonderful addition to this heart wrenching murder mystery.

In this tale of murder, revenge, despair, and family we see some old friends again in new places within their lives.  Jamie makes a reappearance as a College Man, much to Eve’s surprise.  This is a great novel showing how sometimes little events can have a great impact on everyone involved.  A good read that I would certainly recommend.


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