4/100 Freeing the Feline by Lacey Thorn

Freeing the Feline by Lacey ThornThis was a wonderful addition to the series, if a bit confusing.  In this novel we are introduced to the concept of enclaves of feline shifters that have been capable of shifting and have passed down legend and lore, in different formats, for generations.  It was my understanding at the beginning of the series that Tah would bring about the ability for feline shifters to shift..but that could have been a misinterpretation on my part.  The characters develop more in this book, Logan goes from one dimensional to a being with feelings and fears.  There was a larger quantity of sex in this book and it became much more graphic. Not what I was reading for, the excess is beginning to greatly detract from the plot, I feel as though I had to skip almost 100 pages to get away from the increasingly graphic sex.


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