5/100 Saving the Beast by Lacey Thorn

Saving the Beast by Lacey ThornIt is fascinating that a book where the main character is injected with a serum that makes him go insane for the touch of his mate, and the author (thankfully) managed to tone the sex down some.  Yes there was still quite a bit of it, but she managed to advance the plot quite well.  She has trouble keeping the perspective of other characters while advancing the main characters of each novel.  Diane and Zane were the main characters, though she led nicely into the next book leaving a bit of a cliffhanger, so they had main billing.  While these two have main billing, Tah and the rest of the Pride have almost no presence at all.  That doesn’t manage to detract from the books very much really.  It would be neat if she could write some books from different perspectives, like what Tah is thinking while the rest of the Pride is being mated off.  Oh well.  This still manages to be an very interesting series.  I am almost sorry that I am over half way through the last book in the series so far.


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