6/100 Jaguar’s Touch by Lacey Thorn

A Jaguars Touch by Lacey ThornI like that the main character is supposed to have grown up knowing that he is a shifter, yet he can’t recognize his mate when he meets her.  Somehow it makes the entire thing a little more realistic.  Of course, the characters using sex to hide from their real problems is probably as realistic as we are going to get here.  I enjoy the realization that they are not making the shifters out to be perfect.  They are only human as well, mistakes, sacrifices, bad decisions, torture all sides participate in these follies.  While I liked this series when I read it, I think this is the end of the line for me.  Even if the author writes more, I don’t think I’ll be buying them.  The entire series is beginning to focus too much on sex.


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