7/100 Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog, 5th Ed. by William Badke

Research StrategiesI really wish I had this book when I was in college.  I can only imagine those B papers would all be A’s, not to mention the stress I could have saved myself.  If you are looking to do any kind of research, for a paper, genealogy, whatever, I seriously recommend you read this book.  If you are an undergrad just getting started, wondering why your profs all hate you, read this book.  If you are a Grad student that has been getting Bs (or Cs I won’t judge, I promise) and you stress about every single paper, READ this book!
This author manages to explain what a great many professors are looking for in a research paper (while reminding you to double check before you get really into a project) and how you can deliver it to them.  From getting started, organizing everything, to writing the paper.  He almost makes me want to write a research paper (almost).  If nothing else he has gotten me more excited about teaching a class about research!


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