16/100 Baehrly Breathing (Goldie Locke and the Were Bears, #1) by Elizabeth A Reeves

Baehrly BreathingIf you like books with very assertive main female characters that aren’t afraid to use their whiles to get what they want then this is the book for you.  If you find women that spout off about their assertiveness and that being cute isn’t everything but then bat their eyelashes and giggle to get what they want revolting and setting the women’s rights movement back about 40-50 years then you might want to avoid this book.  I fall into the latter camp and can’t stand Goldie.  If she would stick by her guns and refuse to ‘be cute’ just to get what she wants, barreling through the obstacles then I could respect her.  As it is I want to burn her, a little harsh but she drives me nuts.  For the book, the plot is fascinating and the characters are actually pretty well developed.  I enjoy the fairytale world living alongside ours and am thinking about checking out the series that this book spun off of.  Hopefully Goldie’s older sister is a bit better.  For a fast paced fantasy novel that caters to the animal lover in all of us this is a good choice.  If you can stand Goldie.


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