31/100 Thankless in Death by J. D. Robb

Thankless in deathI loved this story of friends, family, success, and how luck can effect an outcome.  Often these sorts of stories become rote, a crime happens, the cop finds the criminal, and the criminal is caught. There are a few twists and turns, their personal life gets in the way sometimes and there is often some element of danger.  This book breaks that mold, yes there are elements of family life that ‘get in the way’ but this is a great book to show how dogged perseverance can be just as effective as life endangering maneuvers.

I love this book, the depth is remarkable and it is always fun to see into the depths of Eve’s mind.  The antagonist however was quite spooky.  I found myself wondering, is that something like me?  or Do I do that sometimes?  But then again if the murderer is not realistic then the entire story goes out the window.


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