39/100 The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

If yoOutsidersu want to feel better about your situation in life and the times that you are living in, read an S.E. Hinton book.  Seriously, I’ve read them all and they are all good at describing the inner city problems of a bygone era.  Of course, if you are currently a part of a street gang you will probably just be amused at the problems that they had to deal with…what with your current lifestyle of drive-by shootings and drugs.

I am certain that this is not an accurate portrayal of life in the, well 1950s I think, but it certainly covers some of the era.  A time and way of life where you are proud to be at the bottom rung, you’re not sure why you’re proud but that doesn’t stop the pride.  You stick up for your buddies, it’s such a shock when you find out that this is what the other side thinks they are doing as well.

For a great read that really helps you develop empathy and obtain an understanding of different perspectives check this out. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to reading paranormal romance any day now.  I wanted to re-read The Outsiders before I re-watched the movie.  I was really looking for a book like the movie Newsies, so if you know of anything like that drop a line.

Happy Reading!


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