40/100 The Salem Witch Trials by Robin Johnson

Salem Witch TrialsThis was actually a pretty good book accounting the Salem Witch Trials. While the audience is geared toward teens and tweens the historical information is fascinating and the coverage of the incident is fairly comprehensive. The definitions for certain terms being used are very simple but they allow the reader to obtain enough of an understanding of the circumstances. The illustrations and explanations of the illustrations really help this book to come together as an interesting way of exploring a deplorable time in our history. There are explanations of where the slave who was accused came from, possible reasons for the behavior of the girls and so on and so forth. If you are a scholar go find a better source, if you are a parent wanting to explain persecution on a devastating scale, check this out. Should you just be a regular person that wants a quick explanation of the Salem Witch Trials, you might want to consider this. A very enjoyable read


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