43/100 Dragon Slayer by Isabella Carter

Dragon SlayerWhy does all of the chivalry have to go into the gay romance novels these days?  Unless you want to read Christian romance, which if that is your thing go for it, the young ladies are just jumping straight into copulation.  In this book the two main characters have been married for some time before they share their first kiss.  Okay so part of the lack of intimacy is due to suspicion of treachery, but in the straight novels that doesn’t stop them.  Like always if this topic squicks you out then don’t read it.  If you have an open mind and want to read a sappy fantasy novel then this is a pretty good choice.  Long enough to remain interesting without belaboring the point.  A young master of strategy is handed over by his father the king to a dragon slayer to become his husband.  The prince is so used to hearing of how little good he is to the kingdom he thinks that his worth as a husband is as small.  Really, undoing the psychological damage done to the young prince would take ages, but the snap recovery is a better plot point.  I enjoyed this novel a great deal, especially how the characters have a chance to evolve and become more than they started out as.  In the way that I like romances, the physical aspects are more of an afterthought then the entire story.  I am thinking about reading the sequel to see…well that would ruin this one, wouldn’t it?


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