44/100 A Suitable Replacement by Megan Derr

Suitable ReplacementA man returns home from his three-year study abroad to meet his sister’s fiance.  The fiance is wondering where his friend, and bride to be, currently is and demands answers of the newly returned brother.  Add in dashes of magic, royalty, a couple of scandals, and you have a pretty good book.  If the newly returned brother was a sister, or the fiance female, then this would be a sweet romantic addition mentioned in romance quarterly.  As it is, the plot moves very quickly without everyone jumping into bed.  The misunderstandings and confusion add a decent amount of depth to the novel.  On the down side you really just want to throttle them both at times and say ‘communication!’  Other than that this is a fairly cute romance novel, a bit of sex but most of the story takes place outside of the bedroom.


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