51/100 Against the Brotherhood by Quinn Fawcett

This novel set in the original times of Sherlock Holmes is a neat view of how politics and early aspects of MI5 may have been.  A few men run by Mycroft Holmes trying to save England and all of Europe from the foolish follies of a few enemies of the country.  A young man hired as a secretary acting as an agent can be counted on (with a little prodding and help) to save the day.  There are a few different plot-lines that run through this novel that might make more sense if I were more acquainted with this series.  As it is I am not certain why the one person’s diary is kept throughout the entire novel.  There are some aspects that show how powerful and needed Mycroft is, but little really advanced the plot within the diary entries.

While I am happy that I finished this book, I will freely admit that the only reason I finished is that I was able to play the audio back at 1.5X the normal speed.  It is a good book, I do recommend it if a short Tom Clancy novel of the Sherlock time period appeals to you.


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