53/100 Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper

This was a very amusing book.  A librarian goes out to work, and gets fired.  She goes out to have a drink, she was given a coupon to a local bar via severance pay, and she managed to get drunk on a single drink.  On her way back home she was shot in a hunting accident and…well she was going to die.  But the cute guy from the bar happened to be a vampire so she was turned into a vampire and could continue her life, er- un-life.  Except for being framed for murders, having to tell her family, her best friends new girlfriend…well girl might not be the right word… You sort of get the picture.  If you want to read about a small town librarian and the weird stuff that can happen to her after she dies (oh, her great-aunt is haunting her as well), then this is certainly the read for you.  I just made the mistake of listening to the first part of the next book (a free preview through audible) and now I think I might be listening to the next installment!


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