61/100 Elemental Fire by Maddy Edwards

If no one tells Charlotte what is going on, then how can they get mad at her for acting on her own to solve what she sees as problems? But they manage just that, they try to keep her in the dark as much as possible; “we have more protection on you than you can know…” and expect her to leave things at that. Never mind the people trying to kill or injure her, the number of times demons have gone after her, or the amazing amount of times she has saved everyone….Just trust that the council has things under control. I also don’t get why the Pixies are getting special privileges when it was a rogue band of pixies that attacked President Malle’s family. The best that I can figure is that it is because they are so very willing to turn their backs on their fellow paranormals. To be honest I don’t think I like where any of this is going. One of the book descriptions for a future book is a spoiler unto itself and I do not know if I want to finish reading these. I will check the description of book 6 and perhaps finish that one before I decide to pursue this series or not.


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