62/100 The Practical Spinner’s Guide – Wool by Kate Larson

This is a great book for the beginning spinner.  If you are someone who was thinking, “oh I know someone with sheep, I’ll buy a fleece from them and have yarn in no time!”  This is an eye opener.  Also, if you were thinking something to the effect of, “That raw fleece is half the price of a prepared fleece, I’ll save some money and be able to spin more.”  This is eye opening.  Not that buying a raw fleece is always a bad thing, but after reading this book I have a better understanding of what it really takes to get that raw fleece to a place where it can be spun.  I loved the section about conserving your fleeces and what bugs to look for, even though it made me itchy for a while.  The history and characteristics of different fleeces was not only eye opening, but though provoking.  If you are thinking about getting started in spinning, then this is a book to look at.  It really does contain a ton of information and can be pretty overwhelming during the first read.  I certainly consider this a staple for a spinners library.


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