63/100 Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont

If you have ever had the nerve to think of the drop spindle as a simple tool, or that you knew what you were doing on the drop spindle then read this book.  You will lose all of your silly illusions of competence.  Really, I love this book.  It did take quite a bit for me to get through all of it, but I have always had that problem with non-fiction books.  There is an amazing wealth of information, from different types of spindles, different ways of spinning, various methods of increasing your spinning production (for me that ruins the calm aspects of spinning) and so much more.  Interspersed with the advice, descriptions, and methods, are tidbits of the history of spinning and recommendations for different books that can be read about this craft that you have decided to take up.  If you are a very beginning spinner and you feel better knowing everything there is about a craft before picking this up, then this is a good book.  If you get scared off of a craft if it looks too hard and it will take you a few years to get the courage back to try the craft; then don’t read this book.  One of the main points I received from this book (other than how many kinds of spinning I have yet to try) is that drop spindling is as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.  Some basic techniques such as knowing if you are spinning woolen, worsted, or a combination, can help you drop the spindle less, but practice is the most important thing.


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