65/100 Dancing by Laurell K Hamilton

I had stopped reading Laurell K Hamilton after reading her short story Beauty.  Essentially it was, well, we will say more graphically sexual than I enjoy.  In the beginning of the series Anita was a very tough woman, that didn’t take any nonsense from anyone.  The bite of a vampire was treated with Holy Water so as to prevent corruption, or something it has been over a decade since I read those first books.  In the series after a while Anita is starting to date the head vampire, I will not ruin those early books for you by going further.  After a few more books Anita has more than 2 boyfriends that she is trying to decide between but 3, then 5, then more.  The characters became unrecognizable to me, Anita was sleeping with many different men and saying she was in love with all of them, What now?  Then the graphically explicit Beauty and I was done with the series, I dropped the Merry Gentry series as well since it is also written by Laurell K Hamilton.

This book is, for me, a dramatic change from Beauty.  Controversial enough to be thought provoking but lacking in the explicit sex that had caused me to drop this series entirely.  Intriguing enough for me to pick the series back up, and see if I can finish reading what she is writing about.  We will see.  If Polyamory really bugs you, then you should just not read anything that Laurell K Hamilton writes.


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