67/100 Hit List by Laurell K Hamilton

This is a return of the Anita Blake I had been missing for so many books while she got her love life and relationships under control.  I have still lost a  lot of respect for Anita as a character and Hamilton as an author.  For at least a few books she took a wonderful series and made it into little more than pornography.  She seems to be getting back to Anita as a vampire Hunter not just sleeping with everything and everyone in sight.  I loved how Anita and Edward worked together, solving problems while explaining where some legislation is going.  I loved hearing about how the new Paranormal Units are being trained and what false information they are being fed to keep the recruits from thinking of the shifters and vampires as human.  This is a return of a few beloved characters, and I hope that they continue to be truer to themselves than they have been.


I will not be purchasing Affliction, or even borrowing it from the library.  I have read a few spoilers and since sexual Asphyxiation comes into play as a positive element I will not be reading anything else that Hamilton has written, or will write in the future.  People’s personal lives are just that but when one is encouraged to hurt another person for their own personal sexual gratification, I’m done.  The pursuit of one persons enjoyment should never be at the expense of another.


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