68/100 Kiss the Dead by Laurell K Hamilton

I will skip my usual scolding of the moral aptitude of the characters.  Though there was quite a bit of graphic, really graphic, sex; the plot that wove in between might make it worth the filth.  It is interesting to hear the rationalizations, explaining why certain aspects of this society are the way they are, and overcoming conflict in all sorts of forms. All of the vampires have to swear an oath to the master of the city, this prevents conflict and gives them someone to be accountable to.  This book explains what happens when that system is not in place, or becomes perverted.  It is a neat read, some of the explanations about police relationships are neat.  I will try and read the next book in the series, but I can tell you already I will be skipping ‘Jason’ which is a book where Anita comes to terms with her attraction toward a woman and Jason’s girlfriend is trying to understand why Jason doesn’t want her sleeping with a bunch of other people.


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