Laurell K. Hamilton

I try to not preach about another person’s morals.  I will say if an author utilizes explicit sex to titillate their audience, simply because I would like a warning in the same vein.  If someone recommends a book to me and doesn’t mention that there is graphic sexual material and I stumble across it then I am not pleased.  There is a line where authors go from mentioning and describing explicit sex to recommending dangerous practices.  I had previously stated that I would not read Jason due to what I perceived as a lack of plot.  Upon reading some reviews for the subsequent book, Dead Ice, I found that there was an explicit scene mentioning erotic asphyxiation…more specifically choking a lover until they turn blue; then continuing as though this were a positive experience.  Some dirty sex in a book is something that I can skip over, but I cannot ignore this.  It’s horrible and I cannot in any form of good conscience purchase or read any more of these books.  I’m trying to read some non-fiction and other books for now.


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