72/100 Practical Spinners Guide to Cotton, Flax, and Hemp by Stephanie Gaustad

If you are a spinner, or thinking about starting to spin then this is a great resource for you.  I am just starting in spinning, I did give it an effort years ago but this is a real start to spinning for me, and I am very curious about all of the different types of fibers out there.  For example, I did not know how sensitive cotton is to pressure.  I was not aware that the labor intensive process of obtaining fiber from flax eventually yields linen.  I was unaware of how sensitive hemp and linen are to acid.  I have learned so much from this book, and the entire series really.  I recommend these to anyone thinking of getting involved in fiber-works, even if they are not spinning some of the aspects of different fibers greatly effect how you will use them and care for them.


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