2015 Comes to a Close

As 2015 begins its landslide journey toward a close, and the opening of 2016 many people find it a time to reflect.  Things that have been done, haven’t been done; what the old year gave us and what the new year will bring.  As the year winds down I find myself, crafting!  Since I work at a public college library, private university library and a public library, work is thin on the ground this time of year.  Both the College and University are closed and will not open until late January.  This just leaves me with the hours I get at the public library.

For me this is the time of year when I can wind down some, get some neglected work done around the house and concentrate on my leisure reading and crafting.  I was not able to get 100 books read this year, I was able to discover new and old crafts that I love as well as expanding the sorts of books I would read.  My ‘To read’ list is, as always, overflowing but that is something to celebrate in the new year.

To successes: I thoroughly enjoyed the spinning books I found causing me to read more non-fiction than I have since graduating, the mycroft holmes book Against the Brotherhood by Quinn Fawcett was thoroughly enjoyable (though I wanted to enjoy the one my Kareem Abdul Jabbar I found the descriptions too accurate for my ability to handle).  I am relatively healthy, my mother and sibling have made it through this year.  I have learned many new skills and crafts, my work situation remains steady and one day I hope to have a full-time job.  Only time will tell.

To Failures:  I did not read 100 books this year.  I still do not have a full time job.  My mothers health was iffy over the past year.

Really, I do not feel that 2015 was too bad.  Certainly I was worried throughout most of it, but as a whole the year went well.

Here is to 2016; Future hopes, dreams, and successful endeavors.

Happy New Year!


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