3/100 Calligraphy Bible: A Complete Guide to More Than 100 Essential Projects and Techniques by Maryanne Grebenstein

If you’re thinking about getting into Calligraphy this is a great starting point, at least the first part is. This book starts off with a daunting amount of supplies that the author thinks you need and then introduces many important concepts, such as angles and pressure. Then you are moved on through several different exercises and concepts. Nine different versions of the alphabet are clearly illustrated and you are walked through stroke by stroke, variations follow then several pages of exercises you can utilize. It is a wonderful resource for beginning your calligraphy adventure.
The second half, or maybe last third, of the book explores calligraphy as an art form. Taking the beginning calligrapher back to the days when elaborate illustrations were lavished around text to add to the visual appeal. Also contemporary aspects of the same, using washes in the background and color to add visual appeal. Making sure that the form of calligraphy you are using agrees with the subject you are writing about as well as a wide variety of other considerations. When the author begins very carefully describing all of the different ways to apply gold leaf, I understood that this really is intended to be a very comprehensive text that will be utilized as the beginning calligrapher grows throughout their experimentation and learning.
A great resource and everyone planning on doing anything with Calligraphy should leaf through it at least once to gain an understanding of how far this craft/art/skill can take you.


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