4/100 The Reluctant Alpha (Highland Wolf Clan #1) by A.K. Michaels

This was a pretty good book, with a decent plot and likable characters. There is a good bit of angst and most of the book takes place from the initial male’s point of view there is some depth added and a few subplots along the way. A young werewolf is brought up to take control of the pack, but his father pushes him too hard too early in life. The young werewolf runs away and becomes a very successful business man. This doesn’t change his basic nature which is that of a werewolf born to lead. His father calls him back home with two problems, he solves one easily with the application of his younger brother and goes off to solve the second, this is where the book really begins.
I will not give away the entire book, but it is a bit of a page turner. The plot snaps along with very little lag time, of course this means the romances just snap along as well. If you’re looking for a fast paced romance with a few interesting characters then this is a book to read. I got a bit spoiled by Shelly Laurenston so these shallow characters didn’t really do it for me, but it is a pretty good light romance.


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