6/100 BirthRight (La Patron #1) by Sydney Addae

If you are looking for a complete story in one novel, move on.  This was an interesting introduction to a new world of shifters.  The characters are fascinating individuals and the hints of the culture are interesting but the author obviously has a clear picture of the world in which they live and is doling it out little bit by little bit.  If you are looking for an older man, about 300 years old, who has given up on having children of his own finding out that his dream might be possible but the circumstances are not ideal.  Wolf shifters have always had a single mate, another wolf, with which they can have children.  So why does this human woman have a pair of twin boys that are wolf shifters?  Human’s aren’t supposed to be able to have wolf children.  This dilemma comes to the attention of the leader of all of the American wolf packs, the 300 year old guy mentioned previously.  This quick paced book trips right along but leaves you hanging at the end.  Obviously you are to buy the next book, or borrow it if you have kindle unlimited.  For a quick read in a new world this is worth your time, the rest of the series might be interesting.  If you are looking for characters you can really fall in love with and wish they were your best friend, then this book leaves you unfulfilled.


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