12/100 Valiant by Laurann Dohner

The concept of this series is wonderful.  A set of people that were kidnapped/donated/sold to a company that put them through horrible genetic experiments.  These people were turned into beings that are part creature and part human.  Some are more human than others and all seem to have someone that they fall in love with instantly, usually found through scent.
The series starts when these people, they call themselves New Species, get free!  The labs are raided and their people are free and begin to set up their own structures.  The concept is great, they do tend to be pretty sex heavy.  I guess I’ve gotten spoiled by Shelly Laurenston with her character development and sense of humor.  This was a pretty good book, I liked Valiant a lot and found his mate quite interesting.  The amount of sex was a bit gratuitous for my taste, at least 3 graphic sex scenes one within the first chapter is a bit much for a book that’s only about 206 pages, but sex tends to sell…I guess.

This was a re-read, I first read this in 2013.  I was thinking of re-reading another in this series but I’m not too sure now.


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