14/100 Origin in Death by J. D. Robb

This was a very interesting book.  The characters are always dynamic and in this case it is fascinating to see perceptions shattered as everyone takes a closer look at the main characters.  This is one of the more important additions to the series as at least 2 main plot-lines spin off from this novel, which I why I re-read it.  The plot clips along at a fast pace but everyone is left questioning where they draw their moral lines and how much they are willing to blind themselves to the truth.  When the victims are actually monsters and the criminals are doling out a form of justice, the entire thing is a bit convoluted but quite interesting.

If you are looking for a dynamic book with plenty of plot twists and a little bit of heartbreak this is the book for you.  Where the murder victims turn out to be the monsters and everyone learns where they need to bend so they don’t break.


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