16/100 An American Werewolf in Hoboken by Dakota Cassidy

This wasn’t a bad book.  Sort of funny, a bit strange but a fun read.  If you like the thought of a werewolf pretending to be a dog so that he can marry a woman before he…well that would be a spoiler.  I did enjoy this book, there were at least 3 very explicit scenes and the first occurs in the second chapter without any warning at all, but even then it wasn’t a bad book.  Under certain circumstances I could see myself enjoying this quite a bit.
Under the circumstances in which I read this book, I found the characters a bit shallow and under developed.  While the entire plot was a bit funny and fantastical I did not find myself too invested in any of the characters.  Since I enjoy getting to know the characters and like to feel connected to them I found this a little light and to be a quick easy read.  For a fairly fast paced humorous read with some hot and steamy sections then this is a decent read.


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