20/100 Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, Cecil Baldwin

This was absolutely fabulous.  If you have ever listened to Welcome to Night Vale, then you need to listen to this audio book, don’t read it!  I have no idea how you would even consider reading this book instead of listening to it.  The utter weird that comprises this book can only be truly experienced by listening to someone crooning the gruesome descriptions of the librarians in your ears as you drive down the road.  If you are a librarian that tends to be sensitive about your profession, of weak constitution, or just not able to deal with the insanely weird, then do not bother reading or listening to this book…or probably any book I review…This is not a book for the weak or faint of heart.

If however you listen to Welcome to Night Vale and enjoy it, think of this as a 12+ hour episode of Welcome to Night Vale.  It arguably has more plot-line than a lot of the episodes, but enough weird to make up for it.  If you like weird and audio books then I really recommend you subscribe to the podcast of Welcome to Night Vale, it really is good.  (I am not sponsored by Night Vale or any of its subsidiaries and purchased this audiobook with my own funds.)

Goodnight Night Vale, Goodnight.


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