24/100 Apprentice in Death by J.D. Robb

As always, I managed to finish this J.D. Robb book in just a few days.  Sometimes I wish I could draw them out longer, but I am always dying to see what happens next.  How does Dallas get through this, how much does it effect Roarke, what will happen with Peabody, how is Mira, what supporting characters will be integrated in this one, will we see Jamie or someone else?  I love these books, it always seems like coming back to an old friend.  If I had more funds and time I would purchase them all on audio just to go back and visit some.  Since my funds and time are both limited I will have to content myself with those that I have.

*Minor Rant*:  People that limit themselves and attempt to impose limits on others are just foolish.  Since I am a librarian too often I hear, I can’t stand the thought of ebooks, I like the tangible feel of paper.  Audio books are just cheating, it isn’t really reading.  Oh I can only read hardcover/paperbacks.  I can’t stand the thought of those books, I only read ebooks.  I only listen to digitally downloaded audiobooks.  The list goes on, I am sure.  To be frank, not every book is published in every format!  If you limit yourself you miss out on some great reads.  For those of you that only read books?  Some of your authors might be publishing between the book novellas that they only publish digitally (mom was surprised to find out she had missed 3 of these novellas by one of her favorite authors).  Sometimes the audio is not available digitally or at all.  There are even times when the person doing the reading changes and this can have a big impact on your experience.  So, rather than disparage a reading format, embrace them all and try them all!  *Rant Over*

This was another wonderful addition to the series.  While I did not miss the little political bump of “Hillary Rodham Clinton High”, I ignored it, LOL.  This book mostly focused on the case rather than the family life, but there were enough glimpses of family life to make things believable.  Admittedly there were a few mentions of things that make me want to go back and see what I missed where, so I will be doing some listening over the next few weeks.  Near the end, we get a glimpse that reminds us that Roarke is human and not the perfect being he all too often comes across as.  Nothing traumatic but real nonetheless.  This is a heartwarming, fast paced addition to the In Death series.  Nothing that caused me to shed a tear, though I worried for Eve a little bit.  All in all a wonderful read, or listen as the case may be.


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