19/100 A Tooth For a Fang By Liv Olteano

This book sort of sucked.  Admittedly there was a lot of character development. I really began to feel for the characters but then they would do something stupid or insensitive and there goes my sympathy right out the window.  I really do like the universe.  Most of the characters are funny and easy to get along with.  Honestly, Travis might not be a complete jerk however his is not that far from it.  For Rick this is a very confusing time in his life.  He just broke up with an abusive boyfriend/boss, goes on vacation, is thrown into the paranormal world, then before his 2 week adjustment period is over he has Travis as his mate throwing him into the paranormal world and confusing the heck out of him with hormones and mating drives.  Then Travis goes and does something sweet (not to mention the tantalizing hints that Travis has been messed with on the partner front).

There are parts that are quite amusing, but really, if you want an emotional roller coaster combined with a lot of really explicit sexual innuendo (I skipped over as much as I could without losing the plot) Then this is the book for you.  One of the very few positives that this book has going for it is the utter lack of Mary Sue’s.  Nothing in this book is perfect, finding your mate isn’t a done deal (you can still hate them) the Lycans and Were’s can make mistakes, the stinky troll is a sweetheart, there are faults and flaws throughout this book.  Since I like my escapism there was a little too much reality for my taste, but the overall plot was not bad.

If you like your characters flawed, don’t mind Gay, can stand mentions of explicit sexual congress, and are okay with mentions of abuse then this is the book for you.  I wasn’t in the mood for a traumatic read but got one anyway.


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