20/100 The Painted Crown by Megan Derr

It’s like it is my fate to be reading about depressing characters right now.  Admittedly things perk up but at the beginning the self-flagellation in this book can be a bit much to take.  Really, the Prince is having a tough time of it, but things do get better.  I enjoyed reading much of this book, partially because there wasn’t that much explicit sex.  Okay a bit toward the end, but this book took a very good perspective on Demi-Sexuals and individuals that need to have a deep emotional connection before sex even enters into things.

This was a very good book.  Full of emotional turmoil and a lot of adventure.  It is fairly fast paced with a good amount of angst thrown in.  If you are in a bad mental place then don’t read this book.  If you like reading about angst and self-flagellation then this is a good fit for you.


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