8/100 Dance with the Devil by Megan Derr

I read this book strictly for the Book Riot reading challenge.  I have read books by Megan Derr before, if they would have just said “a book by a LGBTQ+ author” then I could have read one of the “Princes of the Blood” books that she wrote.  I enjoyed that series, there were a few vague mentions of sex in that series but not the copious, graphic, mentions that this book encompasses.

For this book, the plot is interesting, more of a retrospective of cases with jumping timelines and points of view, but the mysteries are minimal.  There is a lot of graphic sex in this book.  If you manage to ignore the graphic sex, then there are a couple of really sweet stories of people finding love in eachother…with a couple of murder mysteries thrown in there for color.  This is a fast paced book with quite a few jumps in POV.  If you have trouble with a Jumpy POV, graphic sex, or LGBTQ+, then this isn’t the book for you.  If you want graphic sex, a bit of plot, and interesting characters then this is the book for you.

Happy Reading!



7/100 Concealed in Death by J.D. Robb

Have you ever been so far into a series that you have trouble remembering the earlier stories?  You know the gist of them but in the case of a mystery you just cannot remember who-dun-it?  The In Death series is about 47 books strong and this is book 38 so it wasn’t that long ago, given that she writes 2 for this series every year it would be about five years ago, but I could not for the life of me remember who committed this murder.  I was going on the wrong track the entire book, so the end came as a surprise to me.  I love reading this series.  It always seems like visiting old friends.

If child deaths and hard lives bother you then this is a book you want to give a miss.  Most of my previous, 2014, review goes as follows:

“This is by no means the most action packed installment of the series, and that is just fine! While I enjoy the action packed aspects of some of her works, the reason I keep reading this series is the characters. As ever Robb stayed true to her characters and we learn a lot more about the past of one of Mavis, who has been through it all with Dallas almost as much as Roarke. While I admire Dallas’s straight forward viewpoint, I also enjoy the introduction of gray areas throughout the series. Robb constantly reminds us that good and bad are not as straight forward as any of us, least of all Dallas, would like. Sometimes it takes the gray areas to show off the light areas in stark contrast, and sometimes it take gray to get to a light area. I will warn you now, the ending is very disappointing, at least compared to how the other stories end. Honestly I liked this deviation from the norm, it does come on the heels of another disappointing ending, Thankless in Death, but I will admit that it must be quite difficult to come up with fresh murders all the time…especially when you are making up the world as you go along.”

Happy Reading!

6/100 Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

This is a fairly fast paced murder mystery with an extreme magical bent.  Andrews creates a very fascinating world.  Her world-building tends to be subtle, sort of getting the gist of things as we go along and the plot unfurls.  Honestly, this is the kind of world building that I appreciate.  While I rushed through this trying to figure out who the murderer was, I was able to get the gist of what Andrews world involves.  While some extra information about how the world became what it is in Andrews time, there are enough hints to get the shape of what happened.  I presume that if I continue reading the series I will get more background as things develop.

If you are looking for a Kick Butt female lead, Kate Daniels, that admits to her own insecurities, then this is a good book for you.  A powerful magic user loses her last connection to the past, her family, and Daniels needs to find out who killed him.  Daniels dances between shifters, necromancers that control vampires, and the governing body.  She manages to attract and piss them all off, and seems very tired doing so.

A fast paced, kick butt, novel that leaves a lot more questions than answers.  The initial mystery is solved at the end of the book, but there are a lot of questions left about Kate Daniels as well as the world in which she lives.  I really did like this book and I look forward to reading more.

Happy Reading!

5/100 The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

This is my “The first book in a new-to-you YA or Middle grade series” for the book riot challenge.  I could call it “A book recommened by someone with great taste” for the Mrs. Darcy Challenge since I’ve seen it in at least 5 lists that I subscribe to…hmm.  I’ll have to think about that.

I am having a hard time deciding if I liked this book or simply needed to know what happens next. This is a very complex tale that I could probably read a few more times and find quite a few nuances that I missed in my first reading of this book. Once I started, I found it almost impossible to put this book down, so much so that I missed out on a few hours sleep so I could finish it.
The concepts present in this book are very old, infidelity, kings, fey, high court, outcasts, changelings, fear, adoption, and so much more. However, with the filter of a mortal at a fey court being raised by the man who murdered her parents, also her older half-sister’s father, everything takes on a sinister edge. I found many of the dramatic plot twists to be well-telegraphed in advance but a few were able to shock me.
If you are looking for a book that will thrill, confuse, intrigue, disgust you, and make you think about your place in the world then this might be the book for you. There is no explicit sexual content, though some is alluded to. This is a fast paced novel, a lot of characters are introduced and a passing familiarity with the fey is needed for this book to make much sense.  If you don’t know what the Unseelie and Seelie Court are then check up on that before you read this book.  You may be able to figure it out through context, but background knowledge adds depth to the telling.  Nothing is ever as it appears with the fey, remember that throughout this book.


Happy Reading!

4/100 The Changeover by Margaret Mahy

This book was the 1984 Carnegie Medal winner.  One of my colleagues has challenged the community college I work at to finish one or both of the reading challenges: Modern Mrs. Darcy as well as Book Riot’s 2018 Read Harder Challenge. For this book I have decided that it falls under “A book you can read in a day” for Mrs. Darcy, and “A classic of Genre Fiction” For book riot.  Sometimes life takes you in a circle, you remember something about a book and you just HAVE to re-read that book.  This need brings you to another, and another, until you have a set of books that you HAVE to re-read.  Fortunately for me, I was able to find Changeover fairly easily and it was just as enjoyable now as when I was 15.  I do really love the story, which is really strange for me.

This melancholy tale of evil, illness, and a budding romance sort of wound in there, is not the kind of thing I really like to read.  Sad books tend to depress me, but this one seems to have enough hope that I can get over the sorrow.  Even now I cannot tell you why I like this book.  It makes me cry, I despair, I hope, even knowing how things will end.  I really wish that this were part of a series.  That I could find out what happens to Sorry, to Laura.  I hate that there is a conclusion, but no real conclusion.

“Well, I think I love you,” said Laura.  “So maybe that’s what makes the difference.”

If you are looking for a book about sight and insight, a fast paced book, that will rend your heart out of your chest and put it back again then this might be the book for you.  A young girl with a bad feeling watches her little brother wither away knowing that someone can help her, but he isn’t sure that she really needs his help.  All of this set in New Zealand somewhere in the 1980s-1990s.

Happy Reading

3/100 One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews

one fell sweepThis is a fun, fascinating, tear-jerker of an addition to this series. Finally we get to meet some of the innkeeper’s family, and the plot line advances greatly. It is fun and fascinating to see how the different characters interact and evolve along the way. I will frankly admit *mini spoiler* I was reduced to tears near the end of the book and the entire thing ended on an cliff-hanger *end spoiler*
I am dying to read the next book in this series and really enjoyed this addition.

If you are looking for a good book that jerks on the heartstrings and gets the blood pumping with action and adventure then this is the book for you. I will add that I love how this romance progresses, it takes 3 books before the characters really admit their feelings, etc. This seems realistic as opposed to meet, fall in love, fall in bed, & marry, within a few days. I am definitely going to be exploring more of this author, as soon as I have more Audible Credits, or can find them at my local library, lol.

Happy Reading!

2/100 Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews

sweep in peaceWhat do intergalactic vampires, merchants, and a sworn enemy of the vampires have in common? They all want to mineral rights to a particular planet. Since they cannot solve this problem themselves they decided to hire an arbitrator. Of course he decided to use an Inn on Earth to conduct these negotiations.

From there, things get interesting. Join us as we discover the adventures awaiting us at this little inn. Following the initial innkeeper novel this addition, apparently, brings in some characters from one of Andrews other series.  If you do not know about her other books then this novel can still be read with a lot of enjoyment.  I believe, since I have not read her other series I cannot say for certain, that if you have read her other series there is considerable depth added to this book by understanding the crossover characters.  Even without that understanding, I’m seriously considering reading her other books to gain that insight, this is a very enjoyable addition to the innkeeper series.  If you are looking for an amusing, action-packed adventure, with likable characters and a lot of hear then this is the book for you!

Happy Reading!