45/100 Great Courses: The Industrial Revolution

This is a great book having to do with the Industrial Revolution. It is amazing how in depth this book can get without steering off of the path. If you want to know almost everything to do with the Industrial Revolution then this is a great book. I loved hearing about the progression of technology and how this has shaped our society. If you are looking for a general overview, then find another book.

44/100 Great Courses: Forensic History by Elizabeth A. Murray

This is a great exploration of forensics and how it has evolved.  While listening it is very easy to tell that Elizabeth A. Murray is very passionate about her subject as well as the people that are impacted by her forensic investigations.  The author is a forensic anthropologist and so picks up cases often after they have gone cold or if the body was found only a long time after death.  This gives her a very different perspective from a coroner or a detective investigating a crime.  I really enjoyed learning about Forensics and how far they have come over the centuries.  This is a great listen for anyone interested in mysteries, crime dramas, cold cases, science of forensics, or just true crimes.  Great author, great listen.

43/100 Great Courses: The Black Death

This was fantastic! Yes, it does take a good deal of time to get through these Great Courses, but it is often time well spent. Honestly, I intend to see if I can get any other courses featuring this professor. She was wonderful at making the situations come to life and adding in a bit of wit without losing the gravity of the situations being discussed. If you only listen to one Great Course, and have a bit of interest in medical science/history/anything similar, then you really should listen to this one. There is even a great explanation of the politics involved as well. I really love this audio book!

42/100 Vikings (Great Courses)

This was a fascinating course I obtained through Audible. I tend to listen to Great Courses while I am in the car and therefore probably do not pay enough attention, but what I did catch of Viking History was fascinating. This lector has a wonderful way of making history come to life. I had no idea how long the Viking Age spanned, nor was I aware of how much impact the vikings had on our history overall.
If you enjoy Norse Mythology, like watching shows about vikings, or love reading about vikings then this is a great course to help you winnow the facts from the fiction.
Happy Listening!

32/100 Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

This audio book was a very interesting interpretation of the Norse Mythos.  Gaiman is a very talented author and it was amazing to hear about a subject that fascinated him from his own perspective.  The Norse Mythos are indeed one of the less popular/widely known mythos.  They tend to be greatly interpreted by the Marvel Comics from which we find Thor in modern times.  These are not always true to the original myths, in fact they are greatly changed and often misrepresent individuals within the myths.  I enjoyed listening to the retelling of the myths from Gaiman’s perspective and hope that either he continues this trend, or that other authors take up the mythology banner.

30/100 The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

This is a fascinating study on happiness, taking it easy, and the Danish People.  I find it interesting that the majority of what is recommended is a combination of ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’.  I love several of the concepts, enjoying your life as it is; making sure that you have time every day for something cozy; coffee.  Some concepts are not congruent with my reality, soft lighting (I like to see what I’m doing) and candles/fireplace (I like having a house not a conflagration).  I do recommend this book, it is a good idea to explore other peoples cultures, even in small doses.  I enjoy the reminder that life is full of little joys, not everything has to be a big event or cost a lot of money.
For an easy read with a few ideas for making your life a little happier, this is a good book.

29/100 Yarnitecture by Jillian Moreno

Okay, when I say I read this, I do admit I did not read every word of every glossary and index found in the back. There were several really neat knitting patterns in this book. I enjoyed reading the tips, the graphics were wonderful, I have a much better grasp of how to spin fine after reading this book. I also have a much better understanding of what I am looking for in a knitting yarn and why yarn is spun in a particular manner. I think that if you are a dedicated knitter hoping to get into spinning this is certainly a book for you. If you are a spinner that wants to spin knitting yarn then read this book and watch the video ‘Spinning for Lace’ they both have great tips.
If you are a spinner that spins for fun and knitting is a very far back burner hobby, then this is not the book for you.
All in all an interesting read!