Life sometimes interferes with reading.  Sometimes it just interferes with Blogging about reading, LOL.  I had a minor flood in my finished basement, surprisingly this has left me little time in recent weeks to think about blogging my reading.  Fortunately, with my current obsession with audio books, I have had time to listen to books.  Though it is often the same book over and over.  Here is my accounting of my current audio book obsessions:

The Mane Squeeze by Shelly Laurenston

Judgement in Death by J. D. Robb

Bite Me; The Mane Attraction; Bear Meets Girl; Beast Behaving Badly; Hunting Season; and The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston

Celebrity in Death by J. D. Robb

and Finally, Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich.

I have listened to each of these books several times.  Hardcore Twenty-Four is the only New book in the sequence, but I have listened to it at least three times.  Previously Diesel has only made an appearance in the Between the Plums novels as well as his own series.  Once more Evanovich has brought Diesel into the Stephanie Plum world.  Not really to anyone’s benefit from what I can tell.  I usually really enjoy Stephanie, alright she has been getting a little trite these past few years…but really…I don’t like where she is headed.  *SPOILERS* Previously Stephanie had some ‘Catholic Guilt’ about her attraction to and the ability to attract so many handsome men…this novel she just kind of shrugs and goes with it.  I did not really like this book, every aspect seemed so forced, and Diesel was brought back into the series like an old friend instead of an awkward stranger.  Hopefully next year’s will be better.

I suppose we could consider me up to 77 books this year, if we are counting re-reads.  Might as well, really.  I don’t think I’ll make my goal this year other things seem to have been given priority.  I’ll try again next year and see how things go!

Happy Reading!


67/100 Ink Witch by Lindsey Fairleigh

This book seems to have it’s own mythos that spin off of the Egyptian pantheon. I believe that they allude to a series that came before this one, but it seems to be comprehensible on its own. If things like assassinations, off-spring of Egyptian Deities, and magic in general offend you, then this is probably not a good fit for you. If these things don’t bother you too much, and you enjoy mystery, betrayal, and a bit of magic thrown in, then this might be a series for you.
There is a bit of “loose morals” but if you choose to think of them as a different culture whose moral beliefs you should respect, then it isn’t too bad. It helps that they in no way consider themselves Human.
Really, this was a decent read. I got through it quickly, though I do not believe I will worry about getting any others in the series. For a dramatic, mythos heavy, book, this is one of the decent ones.

Happy Reading!

34-37/100 Audio Books

Bear Meets Girl; The Mane Squeeze; Beast Behaving Badly; and Hunting Season by Shelly Laurenston.

I really enjoy these books by Shelly Laurenston, which is why I keep re-reading them.  When listening to these books on audio it becomes more difficult to skip over the explicit sex and foul language.  If either of these things offend you then do not listen to these on audio.  They really are good books, these are going back to the beginning of the series, therefore going back to some of Laurenston’s early writing.  As she furthered her career Laurenston began to focus more on the characters than the sex.  These early books set up her mythos/world and are useful to read so you know where the other books are going.


31/100 The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston

Okay so the end of the world is nigh, only the fire wielding Crow with a love of starting trouble can help save the world.  What is a Raven to do, but help her (and fall in love).  If you think this is a recipe for disaster, well then join the line, so does almost everyone else.  If you’re looking for a good, funny, read with a little too much graphic sex, then this is a good read for you.  I will admit, I HATE how this Ended! Right up until then it was a wonderful, action packed adventure.  If you have problems with graphic language or content then this is probably not the book for you!

28/100 Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken

This was a pretty good book, well book and a half really. The initial story, the beginning of the series, is a fascinating introduction to a very interesting world. There was a little too much graphic sex once that got started but the characters were funny and easy to relate to. If you are looking for a very ‘girl power’; ‘girls unite’ mentality like in her Crow books then you will be a bit disappointed. However if you are looking for strong female characters that know what they want and work hard to get it, then this is a decent book.

My favorite part was when the main character thought that the knight and dragon were separate entities. She had to make a hard decision, Aiken didn’t skip over that decision but included that aspect of the story.
I found this to be an enjoyable read, not wonderful or compelling me to get the next book in the series but enjoyable. I plan on reading the next book in the series to see if the writing develops to the level I am used to from this author under their other pseudonym.
It is my opinion that the ‘prequel’ half story adds to the background, but really is more graphic sex than much else.

26/100 Loup Garou by Mandy M. Roth

This was barely more than a waste of time.  The premise was interesting, the characters had some potential and if time had been spent developing them this might have been an interesting book.  I can overlook some graphic sex, but when the majority of your plot line is jumping from one bout to another I get bored.  There were some interesting parts about being part-fey part-vampire; as well as childhood secrets.  There was just enough potential for me to keep reading, but I certainly cannot recommend this book unless you like a lot of sex.

25/100 Hex on the Beach by Gina LaManna

This was a very interesting read.  It began quite serious with a tinge of humor.  From there things just went sideways.  A successful executive on her way to a promotion winds up meeting family she never knew she had and is told that she is something that shouldn’t exist.  From there things get interesting.  There is some world development, but not as much as you would expect from a series so off the wall.  It is interesting how the author manages to balance character development and world building so that you sort of feel like there wasn’t enough of either.  I am interested enough to explore the next book in this series, and honest enough to admit I love that she breaks all of the rules on accident.  This was described as Stephanie Plum meets Harry Potter, this first book did not eventuate that level of humor but I can see the faintest beginnings.  Note: If you don’t want to read the second book don’t read the Epilogue.