22/100 Remember When By Nora Roberts

This is actually both the book Remember When by Nora Roberts and the shorter story of Big Jack written as J.D. Robb.  I really like how this takes the reader through the initial story and straight into the futuristic one within the realm of Eve Dallas’s life.  The story itself, well the first one, was a fairly typical Nora Roberts Romance.  Decent, not a bad plot with some characters it is hard not falling in love with.  I liked that there was some depth and passion in the story.  Not all bad guys are entirely bad, just because someone isn’t a good father full-time doesn’t mean that they are a bad person (Just a bad influence), and wrongs can be righted.

If you are looking for a jewel-heist/murder mystery with some depth and a lovely closure then this is the book for you.  It is fast paced without losing the details and the characters are likeable while being believable.  I have to admit Roberts (even as Robb) blends her stories quite well.

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21/100 Origin in Death by J.D. Robb

This was a very interesting book. The characters are always dynamic and in this case it is fascinating to see perceptions shattered as everyone takes a closer look at the main characters. This is one of the more important additions to the series as at least 2 main plotlines spin off from this novel, which I why I re-read it. This is a book that certainly causes you to question some of the bigger aspects of life and ethics. In this time in our history there are a lot of things that we are capable of doing, this book (though fictional) helps us to remember that just because something is possible does not always mean that it should be done. If you’re looking for a book full of fascinating plot twists and heartbreaking decisions then this is a great read. No time to get bored with this book. Everyone learns where they need to bend so they don’t break.

20/100 A Hidden Witch by Debora Geary

Original Review:

This is a wonderful addition to the series. I enjoy how the characters and interactions build to create a completely unique world. The people are not perfect, are always willing to learn, and let their inner child out to play (safely). This tale about how innermost dreams do not always come true in the way you think they will is certainly worth another look.

New review:

*This is a tale of how the old world can collide with the new, and just because gifts don’t come in the package that you think they should doesn’t mean that they are not exactly what you wanted. From the joy of discovery to the sorrow of potential loss, life, death, and magic collide to create a whole new normal. If you are looking for a book steeped in magic and technology, and more than a little heartache along the way, then this is the read for you. *

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19/100 Portrait in Death by J. D. Robb

Once in a while there is a book that is heart wrenching, heartening, and deeply disturbing all rolled into one. This is one of Robb’s finest additions to this series. Admittedly, since she has 46 books out already, this is ‘relatively’ early in the series. The vast majority of her In Death books are fantastic but here, early in the series, we really begin to understand the depth of feelings involved in these characters. These feelings and understanding evolve over the series, but here we really see how Eve feels for her division, how hard she is trying to be a good wife, how much Feeney supports her, and overall there are a lot of ‘feels’ in this book. I love this series, and this is one of the reasons why! For a book that has everything and fantastic characters to boot, check this out!

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17/100 A Modern Witch by Debora Geary

This was a fantastic book, recommended by a wonderful relative. I had purchased this book when it was on sale at Amazon, and never gave it another thought. At my family reunion a relative mentioned it, and I went looking to see if I owned it. I finished this book last night, and promptly began reading the next in the series. Even though this series is rated as a romance book, I find that the plot and characters really take the main focus, with romance as a backdrop. I really like the modern twists to the traditional magic plots. Tradition is not ignored, but technology is incorporated. The author admits that people can make mistakes, and not everyone really desires to be different. If I start thinking about it, I am sure that I can discover depths to the books, as it stands I really just like the plot and characters.

15/100 The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur Bearing Mammals by Amy Lane

Original Review: This is the only series that I have found that incorporates a wool mill into the books in a meaningful way. Given that, it is a gay romance with some touching and heartbreaking scenes. This book is not m/m to the exclusion or derision of other types of couples, if anything the orientation is just taken as fact and treated as any other couple. That is not to say that this book does not include any graphic sex, they all seem to.
This is the start of a decent series, if you don’t mind M/M romance. The characters are a little odd, but I love that it is set in a wool mill with very accurate (to my knowledge) explanations of the processes involved.

Slight Update:

I have found several books that involve wool and various processes related to them incorporated in a fictional series.  Often they are under the Cozy Mystery genre, but the details are wonderful anyway.  This book, and the series, do contain a lot of graphic gay sex, which is not really to my taste.  I do still find the characters, what you see of them outside of the sex haze, to be likable and easy to relate to.

If you don’t like graphic sex, or have issues with M/M romance, then stay away from this series, and probably this author.

14/100 Spinning in Her Grave by Molly MacRae

I am really enjoying this series. Once in a while there is a small portion that drags, and I am quite sad that there are only five books to this series. In this installment we open with a man wanting to shoot at people from the upper windows of The Weaver’s Cat. Okay, so he is planning on using blanks and it is a part of a reenactment skit, but still the thought is fairly appalling. Of course Kat refuses, but things never end there. Pretty soon we have spinners, tourists, and a body on the ground. This convoluted, and fun, addition to the series is a great way to while away a few hours with some great friends. For a fun and funny mystery with a lot of crafting check out this book!

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